Early Ron and Doug

2jerkys was started by a couple of guys who enjoy high quality and flavorful beef jerky (not the mass produced, processed and bland junk). Beginning in the late 1990s, we would make beef jerky to share with friends on camping and canoe trips. Between our friends asking about when the next batch would be ready and the need to keep our own personal jerky stashes supplied, we decided we needed to take the next step. In 2011, we launched our first brand, Appalachian Jerky Company, with the simple goal of developing craft beef jerky varieties that cater to targeted tastes for a larger audience. It’s also nice to have our own never-ending jerky supply! These products are made in Vermont using premium strips of top round beef sourced from the northeast USA and intense brines jam packed with flavor.

In 2013, after Ron decided to eat a more Paleo-friendly diet, 2jerkys developed a variety of Appalachian Jerky called Primal Smoke which eliminated the use of soy, sugar/corn syrup, and artificial preservatives. Demand for Primal Smoke was strong, especially in many CrossFit gyms in the Boston area. Noticing this, as well as working with a group of business students as the subject of a class at Northeastern University, we developed the vision for Naked Cow Jerky in late 2014. For Naked Cow, the goal is to provide our customers with a delicious beef jerky, sourced from cows that were fed exclusively a grass diet and contain no “udder” stuff. It took us almost a year to get it right, pushing the initial production batch of Naked Cow to September 2015, but the wait was worth it. Our grass fed beef jerky is delicious, tender, natural, and made with only ingredients that you would find in your spice cabinet (well, except the cow)!

Two Jerkys

Both Appalachian Jerky and Naked Cow Jerky can be found in stores throughout New England, bought through our Amazon store, or directly from our sites. Have a suggestion or comment? Don’t be shy, we’d love to hear it. Send us an email to jerky@2jerkys.com.

– Ron & Doug, 2jerkys

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